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About Me

Audrey Laakso

Hello and welcome to my page! I currently reside in Portland, Oregon and I have a passion for the entertainment industry, specifically in filmmaking and branded media. I am graduating from Portland State University Spring of 2022 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Film and a double minor in Business Administration and Child, Youth, and Family Studies.  

Growing up I was involved in many activities which included numerous sports and theatre. My love for entertainment grew as I started theatre, specifically putting a show together and watching the storytelling unfold.  Entertainment and media can be impactful and in order for it to be successful there needs to be a story that people feel compelled to listen to and believe. That's where I come in, I’m an enthusiastic creative that finds joy in my work. With the understanding that work comes first I’m ready to take on any task and bring my ideas to life.

My talents are involved in creative producing, project management, content creation, marketing, collaboration, and scheduling. Through working on a short film, creative producing an ad campaign, and my leadership roles in the Delta Gamma Fraternity I have continued to grow and expand my skill set. 


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